Rates of Bouches-du-Rhône taxis  

Affichage obligatoire dans le véhicule - Arrêté Préfectoral du 15-01-2014

Applicable Rates
 Per km Day Night
On board  2,10€ 2,10€
Rate A  0,87€  
Rate B    1,12€
RateC  1,74€  
Rate D   2,24€ 
The hour of wait  28,50€ 28,50€ 
The taxi returns vacuous  1,74€ 2,24€ 
The customer keeps the taxi for return for the station  0,87€ 1,12€ 

Night rate from 19h00 à 7h00

On Sunday and holidays: applicable Night rates whatever is the hour

Parking lots and toll roads: rising chargeable to the customer

Perception minimum: whatever is the amount registered in the meter, the price of the driver cannot be lower than 7,00 €

The fourth transported grown-up person  
station, airport,....  
Suitcase furthermore of 5 kgs  
Transport of animal